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crum is a nickname given to me by my sister Bella, and like all the best nickname givers, she made it stick.

Hey, I am crum and simply put, I love to knit (etc.).

My constant vision for crum is one of transparency. I want you to know where the wool in your jumper is from, how it was spun, the breed of sheep and how they lived. 

In the long term I hope to be able to bring a few of these steps closer to home. It's going to be a journey!!


  I am passionate about creating knitwear that will last a lifetime (and hopefully be passed down for future lifetimes).   When you wear something over and over, a history becomes embedded in the piece and I want my creations to be a witness to the changes in your life. Every ball of yarn has a story to tell, from the sheep it came from, the shepherdess' (or shepards) who raised them... just as you have a story that is unique, I want to mirror that uniqueness in the pieces I create for you.


 I have been knitting and pattern developing in some form or another since I was 12 years old. Historically knitting was taught and defined within kinship systems, with stitches and techniques being passed down verbally. This skill is a part of my families storytelling in many ways, I have learnt from my mother and aunt who learnt from their mother and so on. These stories are woven into your crum piece, for I have carried them with me as I knit, hoping it finds you and fits in perfectly with the wardrobe and life you are creating for yourself. 

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